Final Intinerary

The Event Structure (11/3/13)

Event Sectors2

Print Your Own Posters

Please feel free to print your own posters by clicking on the links below (two options). To help coordinate our poster distribution, we would appreciate it if you would email us the place (name of organization) and the street where you hanged your poster(s).  Send your email to  Print your poster by clicking one of the links below and printing the pdf file displayed.

Poster – Starry Bubble      Poster – Starry     

Print Your Own Flyers

The small, pocket-sized flyers (pdf) for The Convening of Light can be printed and distributed to all interested people.  To people who want to help promote the event, you may wish to give them several copies of the flyer.  Flyers for the Organizing Committee gatherings are also available to those who might want to create with us. The printout uses color and there are four flyers on each sheet — both front and back.  Depending on your printer, you may need to print one side, flip the copy over in the printer tray, and then print the other side. Cut to size. Mini-Flyer Printout

Vote for your favorite posters

poster hands bubble poster hands poster spheres poster star ribbons 3 poster starburst bubble poster starburst

Select your favorite poster in the first poll and your second favorite in the second poll.


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