The Convening of Light — What is it?

We will openly discuss our diverse perceptions of reality in order to find common approaches for humanity’s shift into the New Paradigm of direct knowing, coherence, co-creation, and love in every moment.  To facilitate our discussion, we will use the language of quantum physics to explore aspects of a new worldview.

An open discussion of a diverse spiritual community will tend call attention to our similarities and at the same time widen our awareness. We have no idea what will develop from such a collaboration of hearts and minds.

Attention is given, in the formation of this gathering, to create a sense of openness, acceptance, love, and consensus. As individuals, we are doing our part in co-creating our new reality. As we discover our own contribution to the changing of the collective consciousness, we tend to assume more responsibility in creating an outcome that serves all…humanity, Mother Earth, its creatures, and consciousness in other forms.

The time is NOW. The rising frequencies in our environment, and at many levels, are stimulating us to perceive the world in new and different ways. Humanity is coming together. We are connecting in unpredictable ways. Personal and world circumstances are compelling us to pay closer attention to what we say, think, and do. We are, indeed, creating our existence. We are on the verge of something BIG.

Let’s do what we can to expand our consciousness (both individual and collective) and co-create a new and better existence.

The Original Call to Create The Convening of Light

Our Presence.  We affect humanity simply by our presence. As front-runners in the consciousness of the new paradigm, our sense of being and our knowingness greatly assists others on this planet.  Just by being, we affect a collective expansion of consciousness to a new state of awareness.

Our Activities.  Additionally, we affect all consciousness by our individual (and group) activities.   As we follow our passion and intuition, we express our highest awareness in our actions. In turn, others reflect on our activities, accept (or reject) them, and possibly acquire new perceptions to add to their awareness.

The Call.  The coming event is a Call for a gathering of the spiritual community in the Seattle area,  Our area is widely known for its highly spiritual nature and its trend-setting ingenuity. Just by our very being, we affect the world. The wide array of spiritual approaches works to our advantage…we can mobilize perspectives that we have not yet considered.

New discoveries in science help us conceptualize “reality”. The Ancients had a knowing of the Universe that is beyond our current understanding. We attempt to explain right-brain, nonphysical phenomena with left-brain words. Quantum physics is opening new doors before unrealized. Our consciousness is still seen as an outcome of cause and effect.  Linear time, though used in everyday activities, is a creation of the ego mind.  We approach life with the conception that we must go through certain steps to finally achieve our intentions. We are coming to know time and space as changeable.  Consciousness and energy is increasing drastically for Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Our lives and everything we know as real is changing rapidly.


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