The New Paradigm may be seen as a shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age.

The Information Age emphasizes knowledge, access to increasing amounts of information, the speed of mental processing, and multidirectional, simultaneous interconnectivity. Our minds, dominated by the left brain, are trying to integrate vast amounts of information in a linear way by multitasking insanely or by skimming along the surface, sacrificing depth for speed. Life seems to move so fast that we can barely keep up.

What used to work is being superseded by a new age–a new reality with new methodologies. Our perception is expanding beyond the mind to one based on intuition and sensing frequencies of energy. In the Intuition Age, we are able to see people as more than just physical beings, and we now realize there is a powerful inner spiritual component. To achieve transformation, we first have to make a profound shift in the way we know things. This leap of perception requires new pathways through our brain, new habits of sensing and knowing, and seeing that our “brain” actually includes our heart, body, cells, and even the field of energy around us. Transformation is a process composed of a series of shifts that are unique to each individual.

We must enter the inner world to be able to transform ourselves. Intuition becomes very important. With intuition, we sense, feel, and know directly. We discover principles of Oneness and learn to function in the unified field. In the nonphysical world, everything is interconnected, mutually inclusive, and supportive. Important to the transformational process is experiencing the merger of the inner and outer, as well as being permanently rooted in the center of the present moment.

In The Convening of Light, we will openly exchange ideas about many of these topics. From each other, we will open doors to new ways of perceiving our new world. We will see that the old, linear perception–perception limited to timelines, cause-and-effect processes, and lines of thought–doesn’t function well anymore. We just may walk away from this event with a new twist on reality.


About Dennis

Life is Love is Universal Consciousness. My mission is to contribute to the humanity's realization of Oneness, wholeness, and perfect health.

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