Organizing Committee – Third Gathering Notes

  In attendance on November 3, 2013:  Ruby Rose, Darlene, Lin, Diane, Susan, Tina, Mahala, Dorene, Alan, Moreah, Makeisha, Lauren, John, Nancy, Dennis, and Deni.   Itinerary:

Review of our plans from previous Committee gatherings.

Topics of casual conversation:

  • Live streaming the event
  • Connecting people to become One
  • Inclusion of all spiritual paths
  • Look for similarities
  • Science (quantum physics) is a common ground
  • Our natural objective is to expand
  • Site of the event is open on Saturdays, 8:30am – 10:30am
  • Display the Event graphics, flyers, and posters on projector screen during Warmup
  • What is the Light?

Create a clear and concise mission statement and vision statement (and a one-minute elevator speech)

Use quantum physics as the common ground for explaining new paradigm concepts

  • Adepts, lightworkers, devotees, and newbies will benefit

Pre-Registration of attendees is necessary to give preference to early joiners

Love offerings in support of the event costs:  rent, printing, etc.

  • Lock down the event content and timing on Nov 10
  • Posters and media presentations must be prepared
  • Presenters need time to prepare their content
  • More details and modifications can be added later
  • Set times for each event sector

The Talking Circle

  • Topics are closely enough related so they can easily be presented together
  • Inspire experiential learning through interaction, multiple senses, and scenarios
  • Encourage discussion, questions, comments, and opinions
  • Respect and honor each person

Model for how to organize a new paradigm gathering

  • Intent, planting the seed, preparing the soil
  • Be cognizant of our interactions during the gathering
  • No judgment, acceptance of other’s perceptions
  • Open discussion, honesty, surrender to truth
  • Experiential model
  • Use collective consciousness and collective thinking
  • Be spontaneous, little pre-planning

Media at the event

  • Media kickoff for the event starting Nov 11
  • Facebook and Twitter connections
  • Live streaming the event for non-locals

Website can be a community post and discussion board afterwards

  • Can add events, products, and services for others to see and share
  • Reconnect and expand with one another

About Dennis

Life is Love is Universal Consciousness. My mission is to contribute to the humanity's realization of Oneness, wholeness, and perfect health.

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