The Organizing Committee met for the second time to prepare for the much-anticipated main event — The Convening of Light.  Topics included:  high-vibrational food served, donations by food providers, sponsorship and backing by supportive organizations, terms and conditions of the building rental, on-site inspection of event site, alterations of the event program to accommodate for the building structure, the better event day–Saturday or Sunday, some collaborative activities of the event,

(These notes are my interpretation of our activities at the 10/20/13 gathering).

Time and Location

The Convening of Light event is scheduled for 2:00 pm on December 8, 2013 at the Dakota Place Park at the corner of California Ave SW & SW Dakota St.  The building has been recently renovated with new hardwood floors, state-of-the-art sound system, two projector screens, a big screen television in the smaller meeting room, a full kitchen, new tables and chairs, and surrounded by a beautiful patio and lush park.  The site is centrally-located and easily accessible from anywhere in Seattle.  (See the pictures in the sidebar).

The Purpose

The Convening of Light is visioned to be a gathering of people from a wide variety of spiritual paths. We will explore our similarities through open discussion.  The more we know about the perspectives of others, the more we can expand our own awareness.  The intent of the event is to discover ways to collaborate for the benefit of all beings on Mother Earth.  While respecting and accepting the spiritual paths of others as their own, we will explore new ways to bring the higher light of consciousness into being.

The Event (Revised)

You are a little bit early for the event.  As you step into the door, you are warmly welcomed by greeters.  You will notice a huge circle of chairs and pillows on the hardwood floors of the main hall. The sound of happy music inspires you to sway your hips and move your feet. You may find a seat immediately, or maybe you will mill around and talk with some of the interesting people you see.  Everyone seems to be engaged in animated conversation. Walking through the doors to a smaller meeting room, you  find  the excited activity of vendors setting up their displays on tables.   Glancing to the left you see the kitchen bustling in preparation for the small meals served at intermission.

The music relaxes its tempo and you hear the gong of a Tibetan singing bowl…the signal to have a seat in the huge circle.  As everyone settles into their places, a speaker stands with a microphone disguised as a “talking stick”.  The speaker welcomes the participants and leads in an opening ceremony to bring attention to the sacredness of the moment.  A centering meditation and singing bowls will help participants to get connected to their heart consciousness.  The speaker sets the tone for the gathering, perhaps allowing for some people to voice their expectations of the event.

Speaker B then takes the talking stick to explain the purpose of The Convening of Light.   Topics may include: explanation of Light, frequency, consciousness, paradigm shift, scientific research, quantum physics, spherical-holograms, torroidal fields, heart-brain communication, etc.  Speaker B will use the projector and various interactive exercises to illustrate concepts.  The audience may be asked to participate in acting out the concepts presented.

Speaker C will facilitate discussions, such as, the concept that listening to the voice of authority has changed to direct knowing (in the heart).  The participants will be given the opportunity to share their perspectives about three selected issues… one issue at a time.  Scientific information may be demonstrated using body experiences… dance, touching (beyond visualization), or other activities.


Vendors may demonstrate their products and services and book appointments. Should we decide to allow sales, the City of Seattle requires 10% of proceeds.  Meals may be available: soup, salad, and snacks.  Bottled, filtered water will be available.


High-vibrational movement, singing, dancing, party atmosphere

Closing music

Donation is requested to fund the event.

From the first gathering of the Organizing Committee, these are the impressions I got.  The Committee will continue to modify and fine-tune this general structure for The Convening of Light.  –Dennis Kamarainen


About Dennis

Life is Love is Universal Consciousness. My mission is to contribute to the humanity's realization of Oneness, wholeness, and perfect health.

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