Organizing Committee Gathering is Set

Please, join us. Even if you have no experience in organizing events, your perspective is needed. A wide diversity of knowledge and skills is encouraged. Of course, if you have experience in event management, promoting events (especially, spiritual), web authoring, graphic arts, networking, data management, or other skills that support our mission, you are especially invited.

Uptown Espresso

The Convening of Light event, itself, will be a gathering of like-minded, spiritual people who come together for the purpose of creating a unified presence in the Seattle area. No matter what approach we have, our common objective is to expand the consciousness of humanity.   The Convening of Light seeks to open a discussion where, together, we can amplify our potentials for the greater good.  Unite and make a difference.

The Gathering for the Organizing Committee of The Convening of Light is set for:

  • Sunday, Oct 20, 2013
  • 2:00 pm
  • Uptown Espresso, 3845 Delridge Way SW, Seattle (centrally located near the Delridge exit off the West Seattle Bridge at Delridge Way & Andover St)

Uptown Espresso

Let the planning begin! We need to reserve an event location for “The Convening” soon if we plan to have the event November 30 or early December. We, also, will propose the purpose, general format, activities, and agenda.

This Organizing Committee has the authority to change any plans or activities created thus far.  The structure of the committee will be circular with rotating facilitators. Decisions are reached through consensus, and all will be given the opportunity to speak.

If you would like more information, please email: or phone 206-412-3663.


About Dennis

Life is Love is Universal Consciousness. My mission is to contribute to the humanity's realization of Oneness, wholeness, and perfect health.

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